Upsettler Quote of the Month


Usually I try to write about the more subtle, intrenched aspects of settler colonialism–those myths taken as natural.  But sometimes something so blatantly fucked up comes out of a settlers mouth, sometimes it even seems to sock them that they said it.  Often I really don’t know how to deal with it, I guess we can make fun of it together.  So, I  am adding a new feature to AS THE WORLD BURNS titled: “Upsettler Quote of the Month.”  Feel free to send me your nominations. It’s a little late but here is August’s quote:

“We stole the land fair and square.”

There you have it.  How do you even begin to deconstruct how insane that is?


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  1. Don’t know the exact quote per say. Mr. Ron Paul recently on forced assimilation of native people. Basicaaly they would be happy and doing as well as the rest of” us” if they would have submitted earlier.


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