Erased By False Victory: Obama Hasn’t Stopped DAPL

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#NoDAPL protesters gather for a boat action in Standing Rock on August 20. (Photo: Kelly Hayes) All Native struggles in the United States are a struggle against erasure. The poisoning of our land, the theft of our children, the state violence committed against us — we are forced to not…

“1492.0” A Poem to #AbolishColumbusDay

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UPDATE: Columbus Day falls across the country; Indigenous Peoples Day FTW! Another update: My latest article over at Everyday Feminism: “4 Ways To Celebrate Columbus Day (Without Celebrating Columbus Day)” TW: Explicit images and words depicting slavery, brutality, and other atrocities. To hear me perform in ironic pentameter, click here. …

California reports first wolf pack in almost 100 years

Wild wolves historically inhabited California, but were extirpated. Aside from these wolves and the famous wolf OR7 who entered California in December 2011, the last confirmed wolf in the state was here in 1924. OR7 has not been in California for more than a year and is currently the breeding male of the Rogue Pack in […]

4th-of-U-Lie Indigenous Hip Hop Mix

My gift to all those disgusted by the flag waving and cute cakes celebrating this genocidal settler state of AmeriKKKa. Drown out the fireworks with this new mix, Land is Life, featuring Indigenous hop hop. Mostly new tracks with a few classics.

To Rust Metallic Gods: An Anarcho-Primitivist Critique of Paganism

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[Note: Appears in print in “Black & Green Review, Issue 1”, available from the Oldowan distro.] Most green anarchists of European ancestry have vehemently rejected the Abrahamic faiths of the Iron Age (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), for their divine hierarchies, their dominion theologies. And most as well the Axial Age faiths,…